Our approach

Our foundation

high interval energy data

Our tools

software platform

Our expertise

local energy markets

Our goal

rapid transition to renewable energy

Energy data is collected by smart meters on a large scale. Utilizing this data in the right way, we can use renewable energy more efficiently .
We offer a data analytics engine and various visualization techniques for energy data. Our mission is making the best out of energy data instead of letting them rest on servers only.
Our flagship service is a local energy market - a billing tool for energy providers that allows their customers to exchange electricity directly. Our in-depth expertise gained in the Quartierstrom project - Switzerland's first local energy market - will help energy providers revolutionize their billing.
The future will be green - we are very sure of that. Our solution makes the energy transition financially more attractive for both, energy providers and their customers.

Our products and services

For energy providers

The software platform for your data-based business models

For end-users

An app for households, photovoltaic owners, and small businesses that makes your energy data transparent and easy-to-understand

Our experience from the Quartierstrom project

Exnaton products build on our experience and know-how gained in the research project Quartierstrom , which all of the Exnaton team members have considerably pushed forward during their PhDs at ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen. We built the software of Switzerland's first local energy market and tested it in a pilot project. In January 2019, 37 households from Walenstadt (Switzerland) joined our local energy community. PV-owners sold their locally produced electricity to their neighbors in Walenstadt. A web application offered in-depth insights into their personal electricity data. The user response was overwhelming.

What happened to an anonymous grid in the Quartierstrom research project?

anonymous households

stable software
overwhelming user response
awarded with SDG award by SGES

Quartierstrom partners

Quartierstrom in the media

In 2020, the story continues

Exnaton is proud to announce the second pilot project in Walenstadt (Switzerland). Following the success of the first project, we now focus on building a scalable product. The project won the 2020 Smart City Innovation Challenge by Energieschweiz. More infos to follow soon!

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Exnaton team


Liliane Ableitner, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Liliane contributes the product perspective and her organizational talent to the team. Her background is in information systems in which she graduated as a PhD from ETH Zurich. During her PhD and in the Quartierstrom project, she was responsible for the front-end conceptualization, development of the web application, and user studies. Relying on her competencies in field research, she knows how to identify user needs.


Arne Meeuw, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO

Arne has been fascinated by technology his whole life. He is a true builder who does not shy away from any technical challenge. After his studies in mechanical engineering, he joined the Bosch IoT Lab at ETH Zurich and University of St. Gallen where he pursued his PhD. Arne was the lead developer of the Quartierstrom project, built the entire decentralized infrastructure and the data interfaces, as well as the deployment system.


Anselma Wörner


Anselma enriches the team with her strong analytical skills. Having gained early experience in major technology (IBM, SAP) and consulting companies (McKinsey, Horvath & Partners), she is currently pursuing her PhD at ETH Zurich. In that context, she was responsible for the market design of Quartierstrom. Anselma will be spending a research visit in Stanford at the beginning of 2020. After that she will join the Exnaton team.

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